If you hate waste then take a look at what a talented craftsman can make out of my wonky olive prunings!

I didn’t want to use my olive prunings for firewood (although it burns really well!) so I’ve found someone to turn them into something functional AND beautiful instead. I met David from Phoenix Creations on Instagram,and when I visited him in his studio I was blown away by his work. Each spoon is different, because David carves them depending on the individual characteristics of each branch I take him.

Photo credit: David Rauenbush @ Phoenix Creations https://www.instagram.com/phoenixcreationstas

I’ve found that using one of these spoons acts as a physical reminder of our olive trees, and makes me feel more connected to the natural world around me. I think of the care that was taken in their creation, and love that they’ll last a long time, ageing gracefully. Depending on their size they’re wonderful as scoops for loose leaf tea, sugar, or salt; as┬ádelicate cooking spoons; or just for eating your morning cereal.