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Tales of Tasmanian Adventures in Olive Oil

Unique 100% Tasmanian grown and carved olive wood spoons – a collaboration.

I’m VERY excited to share these gorgeously tactile hand-carved spoons made of olive wood from our grove.

Photo credit: David Rauenbusch @ Phoenix Creations

I didn’t want to use my olive prunings for firewood (although it burns really well!) so I’ve found someone to turn them into something functional AND beautiful instead. I met David from Phoenix Creations on Instagram,and when I visited him in his studio I was blown away by his work. Each spoon is different, because David carves them depending on the individual characteristics of each branch I take him.

So, do you ever feel a bit out of touch with the natural world around you? And would you love a way to feel a connection to the earth every day? I’ve found that using one of these spoons acts as a physical reminder of our olive trees, growing peacefully in the calm environment of the Coal River Valley in Tasmania. I think of the care that was taken in their creation, and love that they’ll last a long time, ageing gracefully. Depending on their size they’re wonderful as scoops for loose leaf tea, sugar, or salt; as delicate cooking spoons; or just for eating your morning cereal.

These are really limited in numbers, and availability will vary, but I’ve got a few for sale just now. So, if you’re ready to feel more at one with the world, head over to eBay and see what’s in my store there. After you purchase through eBay I’ll get your unique hand-carved olive wood spoon packed up and in the post to you.

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