Quality Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We pride ourselves on producing small batches of our products.  Why?  Because big flavour comes from small batches.  By nurturing our olives from start to finish we can ensure that the quality stays in the oil.

Our olive trees are right next to our house, so we keep a close eye on them throughout the year. When the olives are ready to pick in late autumn or early winter, they’re harvested by hand and taken straight to our press, just 100m from the grove.

We’re able to press them within hours, or sometimes even minutes, so the fruit doesn’t get a chance to oxidise.

All these things mean we’re confident of bringing you the freshest and highest quality Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil we can.

The Finest Olive Oil

Taste Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil and enjoy the benifits.
  • 2020 lemon agrumato olive oil

    2020 Lemon Agrumato Olive Oil, 100ml

  • Freshfield Grove pitted manzanillo olives

    Pitted Manzanillo Olives, 100g