Direct From Our Farm to Your Table

When using our olive oil for cooking you can trust that you are using quality Tasmanian produce that has come direct from the farm.  No middleman means no shortcuts.

As a boutique grower with just 1000 trees we don’t get the same economies of scale as the big producers, but that’s the way we like it.

We’re hands-on at every part of each olive’s journey!

That means pruning, fertilizing, picking, pressing, bottling, and labelling. It’s all done on-farm, by us, so we know what’s in every single bottle that’s in your kitchen.

Why wait?

Enjoy olive oil health benefits today.

  • Freshfield Grove pitted manzanillo olives

    Pitted Manzanillo Olives, 100g

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 2021 Harvest – 375ml