Sustainable Practices

Not only do we use the fruit of the olive trees, and the leaves in our olive leaf tea, we have also partnered with a local artisan who uses our olive tree branches to create bespoke olive wood spoons.

On the farm we’re adopting practices that we hope will encourage diversity of flora and fauna, whilst being good for the olive trees. We’re trying to minimise waste by utilising as much of the trees and fruit as we can.

This means mulching smaller prunings and having some larger pieces hand carved into these beautiful and unique olive wood spoons, composting the waste from our olive pressing, and making olive leaf tea.

We want our farm and our business to be sustainable.

When it comes to our packaging we’re supporting Australian industry by using Australian made glass bottles, and minimising plastic use by supplying our bottles with reusable stainless steel and rubber pourers. The packaging we use for shipping is made of paper and cardboard - no bubble wrap in sight!

Why wait?

Enjoy olive oil health benefits today.

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    2019 Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Early Harvest Picual, 375ml

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    2019 Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Late Harvest Picual, 375ml