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Tales of Tasmanian Adventures in Olive Oil

Natural water capture


natural water storage

This caught my eye in the garden after some heavy rains. Hundreds of little water droplets were trapped between the leaves, and glistened in the light, although it was still overcast. I love the way the water has such a globular shape. FFx

Author: FarmerFi

I'm a British doctor who married an Aussie, moved to Tasmania, and bought an olive grove. Now making extra virgin olive oil and olive leaf tea. I'd love you to join my adventures in the beautiful setting of Southern Tasmania.

5 thoughts on “Natural water capture

  1. They look like crystals or bits of glass!


  2. Almost makes me think that cacti are OK … {grin}
    In truth, Fi, it’s delightful – especially the temporary resident ! 🙂


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