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We’re Extra Virgin!


Just a quickie. Checked my email at the end of a long day, to find the lab report for our olive oil sample. It was like opening exam results. Nervewracking! But … we passed the quality parameters, so our oil is indeed Extra Virgin!! It’s hard to explain exactly how exciting this is. EVOO has to have a free fatty acid level equal to or less than 0.8%. And ours is 0.3% 🙂 Other things get measured too, but I’ll tell you about them another time. Now I better sort out some bottles and labels… FFx

Picual olives, just about to be picked!

Picual olives, just about to be picked!

Author: FarmerFi

I'm a British doctor who married an Aussie, moved to Tasmania, and bought an olive grove. Now making extra virgin olive oil and olive leaf tea. I'd love you to join my adventures in the beautiful setting of Southern Tasmania.

7 thoughts on “We’re Extra Virgin!

  1. MERVAIGLIOSO ! – complimenti a tutti e due !!!!
    Can hardly wait for business to open, and will be absolutely sure to tell the Oz bloggers, all of whom give me the impression of being the kinds of people who would LOVE to support your venture, Fi.
    You must be SO CHUFFED … 😀


    • I spelled one of my favourite Italian words wrong. Must be still only half awake …


      • I’m afraid I didn’t notice the spelling mistake! I’m not an Italian speaker, but rather rusty schoolgirl Latin allows me to get the gist without resorting to Google translate. Thanks very much for your enthusiasm M-R. We are indeed chuffed, and it’s awesome to be able to share the excitement with others 🙂


  2. Congratulations! Would love to try some!


  3. Those olives look fabulous! You should be very proud 🙂


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