Fresh Tasmanian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Fabulous flavours come from small batches. By nurturing our olives from start to finish we can ensure great quality products that have won awards in state and national competitions.


Our cool climate in southern Tasmania helps ensure that Freshfield Grove Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) has high levels of antioxidants, widely regarded as a vital part of a healthy diet.

Farm To Table

When using our olive oil for yourself and your family you can trust that you are using quality Tasmanian produce that has come direct from our farm.  We don’t take shortcuts.

Sustainable Practices

We follow a no-spray practice in our grove and aim to minimise waste, including composting the waste from our olive press and using recyclable or compostable packaging.

Freshfield Grove grows two Spanish olive varieties, Picual and Manzanillo, both very well suited to the cool climate of Southern Tasmania.

What is the best oil to use for cooking?

Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is the best oil to use for cooking, and that’s not just our opinion!

Scientific research shows that contrary to what many people have been told, EVOO is the most stable oil at the heats needed for cooking (including baking and frying) AND retains its health benefits when used in this way.

Is drinking olive oil good for your health?

The greatest health benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) are seen with consumption of at least 2 tablespoons of EVOO per day.

We easily get this much by adding it to pretty much everything we eat (even muesli!), but if you just want to drink a shot of it, then this would give you the same results!

What are the olive oil benefits for skin?

Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is high in antioxidants like vitamin E, and monounsaturated fat, consumption of both of which have been shown to be associated with healthy skin.

Our personal experience is that eating plenty of fruit and vegetables is the single thing that most improves the day to day appearance of our skin, and cooking our veggies in EVOO helps us do this.

How do I use olive oil for skin care?

Consuming fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) as part of your diet will have a beneficial effect, but you can also use it directly on the skin.

EVOO can be used as a makeup remover, and also as part of a face mask with honey, egg yolk, and baking soda.

A great side-effect of these is the low cost compared to many skin care products you might buy, so it’s also good for your pocket!

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Do I get the same health benefits from olive leaf tea as I would with olive oil?

Many of the health benefits known to be associated with Extra Virgin Olive Oil are also described in association with olive leaf tea, but there is less published research on the topic.

We drink it mainly because we love the taste, and it’s naturally caffeine-free.

Is extra virgin olive oil good for cooking?

YES! Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) can be used for so much more than salad dressings. It’s great for baking, marinades, BBQing, roasting… you name it!  It’s even the healthiest oil for deep frying.

The antioxidants protect the oil when it’s heated up, and because there’re so many, there’s loads left over at the end of cooking to make sure you still get the health benefits.

Where can I find easy olive oil recipes?

There are plenty of healthy recipies on this website, with more being added all the time, so check out our olive oil recipes here.

Because Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is so versatile, you can use it in pretty much anything you already cook.

We recommend using it in place of any other cooking oils you use now, like canola oil, sunflower, rice bran, or coconut oil.

For baking we generally just substitute the weight of butter with the same weight of EVOO.

Is heating olive oil safe?

It’s a common misconception that Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) shouldn’t be heated, but there are several pieces of robust published research that show conclusively that this isn’t the case.

Fresh EVOO is perfectly safe to heat to the temperatures needed for cooking, even for prolonged periods. This is because the high levels of antioxidant compounds present protect the oil during heating.

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