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Today I took part in the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival. I did the bridge run last year, and thankfully had only signed up for the same this year! (It’s 9km.) Last year I was all enthused about how I was going to do a half marathon next – must have been those post run endorphins… At least I managed to run the whole way today, which given my dismal training this year was miraculous. I’ve heard farmers don’t need to do extra exercise, but I’m only a part time farmer and that clearly doesn’t apply!

PS. As part of participating in Blogging101 I’ve added a tagline to my site this week, to indicate what my blog is about. Now I feel as if I’ve misled you, as this post is clearly of questionable relevance to the subject of producing Tasmanian olive oil, although I did pour quite a lot of the stuff over my carb-loading pasta dish on Saturday night. Maybe that’s how I managed to finish! FFx