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What can you do with leftover sourdough bread? Especially the broken bits that were left after being stuck to the pan during baking (see previous post!)

... and after baking!

Broken bread

Well, you can slice them up really thinly (about 3mm), lay them out in a single layer on a wire rack, and bake in the oven at about 100degC for about 30-40 minutes. Or until they’ve dried out and gone crispy. I reckon you could also spray them with (extra virgin olive) oil, and maybe sprinkle with a little salt or paprika before baking to jazz them up.

Et voila! Sourdough crackers.

Et voila! Sourdough crackers.

My original inspiration for this type of thing is a recipe for Rosemary Raisin Pecan Crisps which are totally delicious, and very more-ish.

And then I saw this recipe for a Fruit and Nut Sourdough Cracker the other day on Selma’s Table. These have lots of yummy ingredients, and are clearly much more exciting than my plain ones, but require a more exciting sourdough to start with. And after the sticking episode I’ve promised myself to stick with a basic sourdough bread recipe until I’ve had a bit more practice!

Any of these are great for dipping in pretty much anything. I’m off to dip some in a bowl of guacamole right now 🙂 FFx