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australianmade tasmanian olive oil evoo bottle

I’ve been looking at packaging for our olive oil and one decision is which bottles to use. There are lots of lovely bottles around but our options this year are pretty limited, as many are only available by the pallet and we’re looking at smaller volumes than this.

We’re keen to use other Australian products where we can, partly to support other Aussie industries, and partly to try and keep the overall food miles down. It’s been more difficult than I thought though, to find Australian packaging. Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised. I knew it would be more expensive, but I still expected to have the option. Glass manufacturing in Australia includes flat glass production, and container glass. The container glass market has shrunk considerably in the face of much cheaper imports from overseas in recent years, particularly China. As far as I can determine, there are no Australian manufacturers of olive oil bottles, but it is possible to get Australian-made wine bottles.

olive oil evoo australian made bottle

The problem with wine bottles is that the neck size is ever so slightly different, and the regular easy pour, non-drip olive oil inserts don’t fit them. I’ve managed to find some Australian made claret-style wine bottles in a 375ml size, and I think I’ve also found some separate pourers to fit them (no luck with Australian made for these though). But they are more expensive.

So, my question is: Would you be prepared to pay about $1 more for a local product in local packaging? Or should we just get the cheapest available?

And if anyone happens to know of any other Australian, or even better Tasmanian, manufacturers of glass bottles or pourer spouts, then please let me know! FFx