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Answer: Because I LOVE fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil!

I’ve enrolled in “Blogging101” to try and give my blog a little extra oomph! And this is my first assignment… My first ever post on here was “A Short Introduction”, and covers some of the background in how my husband and I got here in the first place. I’d been thinking of updating it, so this has been a helpful push!

I wrote that first post in February this year, when we bought our olive grove in Tasmania. I have to admit I started it because everyone tells you that you have to have an online presence in order to do anything these days, but I’ve found an unexpected pleasure in blogging. I enjoy writing ours, and have discovered a mind boggling range of other sites. I began with a fairly vague idea of blogging about our journey into extra virgin olive oil production, but it’s expanded to include posts about food and cooking too. I’m enthusiastic about Tasmania and food in general, and Tasmanian food in particular.

In future posts I’m likely to waffle on about:

Olive grove and olive oil stuff:

We get asked lots of olive related questions and I aim to answer as many as I can. Please ask away – I’ve got lots to learn too, so if I don’t know, I’ll do my very best to find out. I’m also intending to start posting summaries and links to some of the published research on EVOO and its uses and health benefits.

Some previous posts cover stuff like – Are your olives green or black? How do you harvest olives? How many olives does it take to make olive oil?

Us hard at work on a day with a chilly wind.

Working hard at harvest time!

Cooking and food: I share recipes that I’ve found to work well, particularly things that are easy to fit into a busy lifestyle. I’ve always cooked the vast majority of what I eat from scratch. I’m not very good at taking nice photos of food, but bear with me and it might get better… Lots of the recipes include extra virgin olive oil, because that (and butter) are the only fats I have in my kitchen.

I think people should be able to make informed choices about what they eat. We may choose to eat the cheapest or most convenient available, but we should be able to find out what’s in it and where it came from, if we want. We should be able to be confident that we’re getting what we think we’re paying for.

Dogs: We’ve got two Lakeland Terriers who will make an occasional appearance.

lakeland terrier beanbag

So well behaved when they’re asleep…

Tasmania: I’m British, but Tasmanian by marriage! Luckily I’ve loved the place since I first set foot on it.

View towards Wineglass Bay, Freycinet National Park, Tasmania.

View towards Wineglass Bay, Freycinet National Park, Tasmania.

Sustainability: I’m increasingly interested in sustainable living, but still learning and figuring out what this really means! It’s been suggested that I’m becoming a hippy. Is this a good thing?! I like this quote by John Marsden (Australian writer, teacher and school principal.)

“Live as though you’ll die tomorrow, but farm as though you’ll live forever.”

I would love to connect with other olive oil producers and enthusiasts, farmers, gardeners, permaculturalists (is that a word?!), and food lovers, to exchange ideas and information. But this is by no means a comprehensive list! I’ve got lots of other interests and I’m looking forward to discovering some awesome new sites. FFx