While we were pruning a few months ago I couldn’t help but start to wonder about what I might be able to make with some of the offcuts.

Plenty of olive wood to choose from!

Plenty of olive branches to choose from!

Chipping them for mulch is useful, but I thought that perhaps I could make some decorative things with them. So there have been bundles of sticks of various sizes lurking around the place. (Husband: ” Are you ever going to do anything with these?”)

A few of those sticks...

A few of those sticks…

It might take someone with more developed woodworking skills than me to manufacture some of the items I’ve got in mind, but I managed to tie some together with some twine to make….. a rustic wood trivet! The design would benefit from a little development, but it’s functional, and I’m really quite pleased with it. In all its simplicity! FFx