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extra virgin olive oil labels freshfield grove 2014

It seems, finally, that we are ready to actually sell some oil! All the component pieces are now in our possession, the last ones being labels and pourers. I can’t believe how long it’s all taken, but I guess it’s the first time we’ve done anything like this! We didn’t order anything in advance because to begin with we had no idea what volume we would be dealing with. And then we decided to wait for our oil to be tested to make sure it met all the lab parameters for Extra Virgin quality.

The timing is great because we have our first event on Thursday 30th October. We’re taking part in the expo for this “Spring Clean Your Life”  event organised by Y.E.S! Sydney in support of Dress for Success. There’ll be opportunities to taste our oil, get recipe ideas, find out why EVOO is sooo amazing, and talk to us about why we set off on this adventure in the first place. Excited, but a little nervous! FFx

Y.E.S! Sydney poster spring clean your life