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dorset knob throwing poster

If you have the good fortune to be in Dorset, UK this weekend then there’s a pretty unique day out waiting for you. I’m actually extremely disappointed that I didn’t know this event existed when I lived in the UK. Yes, it’s Dorset Knob Throwing Day. Happening this Sunday, 4th May, and combined with a food festival.  If you’re not British, and perhaps even if you are, you may be unaware of the existence of this unbelievably hard, crispy, crunchy, savoury biscuit. 

Photo from totallydorset.com

I’m not even sure if it should be classed as a biscuit now I think about it. It’s kind of a small, repetitively baked bread roll. A bit larger than a golf ball. They are good with all types of cheese in my opinion, but Dorset Blue Vinny is a particularly great pairing. My mouth is watering as I type! The knobs are something of a rare species, with only one producer (Moores Biscuits), making them for only a couple of months of the year. I’d forgotten how nice the tins are too – I wonder if they deliver to Australia?

moores dorset knob tin biscuit

And if you are in Dorset this weekend, and need to eat cake, then I’d suggest a trip to Honeybuns’ Bee Shack, open on Saturday 3rd May. It’s not just cake, but that’s my favourite part. All gluten-free and vegetarian too. Anyway, since I’m not in Dorset, I’m off to do some baking! Maybe something from my Honeybuns book… FFx