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I decided to have a go at sheet mulching recently, to try and turn a permanently weedy bed into something more attractive and useful. This is supposed to be a low effort sort of gardening, involving layering cardboard, compost and mulch to smother the weeds and improve the soil. This is still a work in progress. Lessons learned so far are:

  • Even if the area looks small I will underestimate the amount of cardboard I’ll need to cover it in a double layer.
  • We need to drink more wine in order to have sufficient cardboard boxes. The dogs think we need to buy them more food and treats instead.
  • I will underestimate the volume of lucerne hay I’ll need as mulch and need to go to a well known hardware store at the last minute to buy a substitute. Because I also haven’t left enough time and we’re about to go away and I don’t have time to go back to the place I got the lucerne.
  • Pea straw doesn’t work as mulch as well as lucerne hay, but you do get free peas!!

Have you started any outdoor projects this Easter weekend? FFx