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Last Friday I met my blogging friend M-R in person for the first time. Her blog was one of the first I followed, and commented on, and her interaction has given me a huge amount of confidence to go forth, and get into conversation with other bloggers. One of the things I love about blogging is that you do seem to actually get to know people through the medium. My favourite blogs to visit are those where there is a real two-way interaction. Many blogs are established to cover a particular topic (M-R set hers up after her book “And Then Like My Dreams” was published) but the personality and other interests of the authors shine through in the most engaging ones. Something I struggle with is how much personal information to reveal online, as my natural instinct is to share little with those I don’t know. M-R is very open, both in her blog and in her book, which is a beautiful and entertaining account of her life with her beloved husband, written after his death. And this openness gives me confidence to share a little more myself – so “Thank you”.

One of the things I found out about M-R early on was a love of good extra virgin olive oil. Since she discovered we would be producing some this year, and that some of it would be in Sydney, she has been hounding (there’s really no other word!) me about its availability. I had promised her early notification of its readiness. I felt a bit forward in suggesting we meet in person – was it weird and inappropriate? But nevertheless, I plucked up the courage to send an invitation by email, which was swiftly accepted. And so we met, and I handed over a bottle of EVOO, and we drank coffee, and chatted happily for an hour or so, and took a selfie! If you don’t already know M-R, why don’t you visit her blog, “Staying Visible”, and see what else she’s been up to? FFx

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