Interview on Tasmania ABC Radio Drive Show

I was interviewed by the lovely Helen Shield for Tasmania’s ABC Radio Drivetime show, broadcast just before Christmas. It was a fun experience, if a bit scary! If you’ve got 7 minutes, have a listen and find out a bit more about what we’re doing at the moment, how we got here, and what the future may hold!


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Fiona and Glenn at Freshfield Grove, Campania, Tasmania

Tasmanian olive leaf tea jelly tricolore salad

Tasmanian olive leaf tea jelly tricolore salad

Here’s another inspiring recipe creation from Petra at FoodEatLove using my olive leaf tea as a jelly for a base in this very pretty salad. I think the jelly will add a really interesting texture to the dish, as well as the flavour. And it’s reminded me not to forget edible flowers when I’m planning my new veggie patch this spring 😊

Tasmanian olive leaf tea with confit baby fennel

Tasmanian olive leaf tea with confit baby fennel

I like to think I’m a pretty good cook, but some people take cooking to a whole new level! And Petra’s photos put my attempts at food photography to shame… Have a read of this mouthwatering post to see a genius idea to incorporate my very own olive leaf tea into an amazing dish. A taste of Tasmanian adventure indeed 🙂

And it’s well worth taking the time to check out some of her other posts too, they’re packed full of inspiring ideas.

Fruit and Nut Sourdough Crackers

I finally got around to making these having seen the recipe over a year ago! They’re delicious 🙂 I used apricots and raisins for the fruit, and walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, and golden linseeds for the nutty seedy side of things. Would probably use a little more salt next time.

I baked them in muffin tins with liners as I didn’t have a mini loaf tin. I got 21 muffins, but could have filled the tins more – wasn’t sure how much they’d rise! And the muffin liners I used stuck to the baked loaves. I’m not sure if this is due to the bready mixture, or if it’s a problem with the liners – I wish I’d sprayed them with olive oil first! Anyway, they’re disappearing fast, so I’ll be able to try another batch soon 🙂