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A nice cup of olive leaf tea

Have you heard of olive leaf tea? We’ve got quite fond of it over the past few months. We’ve been making it by harvesting youngish leaves from the olive grove, washing them, and just letting them air dry. Then cutting them up and using them as you would loose tea leaves. I haven’t usually been using a tea infuser, when I’m ready to drink it I just poke the floating leaves to break the surface tension, and they float gracefully to the bottom. I’ve read that some people describe olive leaf tea as having a bitter taste, and sweeten with honey, but that hasn’t been our experience. It does have a definite flavour though, which I was quite surprised about. The aroma was particularly noticeable on opening the old jar I’d stored the leaves in after drying. In my opinion it’s kind of similar to a green tea flavour. But it doesn’t have any caffeine. There’s increasing evidence that some of the compounds in olive leaves are very beneficial, but for now I’ll just settle for telling you that it tastes good! If you want to read more about it though, there’s an article from Fox News here. FFx


Mug of olive leaf tea

More of a mug than a cup!