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When we’ve told people over the years that we’re going to leave our regular day jobs and go and grow olives we’ve had mixed responses. Well no, that’s not true, mostly they thought we were joking. Or crazy. Or both. We’ve been talking (and dreaming) about it for years, but it took a long time for all the pieces to fall into place. The journey started on one of our holidays in Tasmania to visit family and friends several years ago. We always browsed the real estate brochure and fantasised about all the awesome places for sale, you know, the ones with the amazing water views? And even when we weren’t there our family would post the listings to us. Just a little hint! But the rural properties always attracted us more, and then we started to notice one or two that had olive groves. Can you grow olives in Tasmania? Isn’t it too cold? Well, Tasmania is actually a similar latitude to much of Italy and they grow plenty of olives!

Italy and Tasmania map

The climate is a little different, but there are great wines coming out of Tasmania, so why not olives? And specifically extra virgin olive oil? The cool climate does mean that yields tend to be lower but the quality is great. Australia is really a world leader in terms of standards, quality control, and labelling of extra virgin olive oil too. Many Australian growers are pressing (milling) on site or nearby, with minimal delay which means that the fruit doesn’t start to degrade. Fresh extra virgin olive oil from fruit that is pressed quickly after harvesting is better quality and tastes better.  Anyway, more of this technical stuff to follow at a later date.

So, we’re really excited to be here (although sadly only part time as we still need our proper jobs!), and we’re looking forward to the adventures that lie ahead. I’m sure there’ll be plenty of problems to solve, but hopefully there’ll be more scrumptious successes than devastating disasters! FFx